a psalm for uncertain times

New normal.
For today, anyway…
Who knows what tomorrow might bring?
Sufficient unto the day
the troubles that lay
heavily on each morning.

As soon as we adjust,
wrap our heads round
the new “musts”
and “must nots”
it all goes to pot

And another new normal is announced…
…for today, anyway.

Always a lover of variety, I have been;
not always first
into the fray of change
(I’m just a little risk averse),
still I appreciate new births, fresh turf,
uncharted earth.

Yet even for the most ardent pioneer
this much new normal breeds fear
breeds un-ease
alongside the dis-ease
that plagues our world
right now
as it’s new-business-as-normal…
…for today, anyway…

It’s even in its name:
“novel virus”
new normal indeed!
…for today, anyway…

And in tomorrow’s new normal
will anything remain,
carried over with the strain
of trying to keep up
again and again
with change?

I have heard of One
who is the same.
Unchanging, unending, inexhaustible.

Oh Great Creator
faithful Mercy
all-loving Power
be my constant
my always-normal
for today…
and all days.

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