#spatiallyseparatedsocially connectedspirituallyunited

Just a passing whimsy that took seed
from friends’ comments that
physical is the word we need
when speaking of distancing.

And yet, it spoke true.

Social isolation?
Hell no! We dare not go –
For social exclusion, not Covid19,
is truly the death of us all,
it would seem,
in toxic, withering soul quarantine.

A crisis of this size
calls out the power of our tribes
that we may survive.
Sure, let’s crack the whip on proximity
to put down this calamity
as swiftly as may be.

But let us not relinquish connection:
let us cherish conversation
nourish socialization
by myriad means
online streams
for virtual teams
even those crazy memes…

For not only are we not alone;
We can be closer now
than ever we’ve been.

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