TW: pregnancy | childlessness

Rejoice, childless one, who did not give birth;
burst into song and shout, you who have not been in labour!
For the children of the forsaken one will be more than the children of the married woman,
says the LORD.
Isaiah 54:1 (HCSB)

Oh, sing,
producer of no offspring;
shout and cheer,
jump for joy,
you whose womb was never filled;
dry the tears long spilled
and sing,
oh childless one.

Be glad, be happy,
carrier of no infants,
bearer of no babes,
unfamiliar with birthing agonies
all too acquainted with the torment,
the travail of years silenced,
bereft and barren.
Judged and pitied;
overlooked, dismissed, mocked,
“you wouldn’t understand,
you don’t have kids”

For an inheritance is yours to bring
surpassing genetics and family trees,
relationship so much wider than these:
a legacy indeed
beyond mere flesh and bone;
birthed in the blood shed
not by you
but for you
and for all your soul’s children.

Photo by James Baldwin on Unsplash,
CC-BY 2.0

You’re gonna need a bigger house;
a wider life,
a more generous grace
to make room for the little ones I’m sending your way;
don’t delay!
Make space!
Ready your table, your arms;
Extend your hands, your heart:
they’re coming…

So take your place;
lift your face
and sing, dear one –
they’re already here.

Look Up by mrhayata on Flickr, CC-BY_SA 2.0