What fuels me:
words, music, coffee

What drives me:
faith, hope, love

My name is Louise
and my friends call me Lou
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you can call me that too)

I like to weave words
whether rhyming or non
the long ones are bounteous
the short ones are bon

They dance through my mind
in meandering shape
sometimes I ensnare them
sometimes they escape

And some that I harness 
will find their way here
to whisper, to shout
and to sing to your ear

A story, a vision
a dream or a word
- if somehow my scribbles
can show what I've heard -

These words yet so writhen
deep tangled and twined
I carefully, painfully
slowly unbind

As you, my friend, read them
I trust you might see
a glimpse of the Word 
Who has written in me