What fuels me:
words, music, coffee

What ignites me:
faith, hope, love

Hello there. I’m Lou(ise), a creative artist living and working on the lands of the Turrbal people, in sunny south east Queensland, Australia.

I am constantly passionate about words, music, stories, and pretty much any way you can put them together. As a person of faith, this also flows out into ongoing prayer and worship practises, those I embrace myself and those I enjoy sharing with others.

Fave fun things to do involve coffee, watching comedy, stitching, debating the meaning of life and fixing the world with my friends, and hanging out with my cat and my hubby. Travelling again is high on my to do list as well!

My name is Louise
and my friends call me Lou
(subscribe to the blog,
you can call me that too)

I like to weave words
whether rhyming or non
the long ones are bounteous
the short ones are 'bon'

They dance through my mind
in meandering shape
sometimes I ensnare them
sometimes they escape

And some that I harness 
will find their way here
to whisper, to shout
and to sing to your ear

A story, a vision
a dream or a word
- if my scribbles
can show what I've heard -

These words yet so writhen
deep tangled and twined
I carefully, painfully
slowly unbind

As you, my friend, read them
I trust you might see
a glimpse of the Word 
Who has written in me

“Live your life with arms wide open

Today is where your book begins

The rest is still unwritten.”

Natasha Bedingfield, Unwritten (2004)

P.S. If you’ve scrolled all the way to the bottom of the jar, you get to discover the reason behind maedharanael… basically, it’s Elvish for Louise. Apparently. Mind you, I’m much more like a hobbit than an elf… short, cuddly, love my food, chatty introvert, curly hair (sans straightening, which I usually endure, because in humid Brizvegas I rather resemble an alpaca without it). I do not, however, have hairy toes 😉