still life

a psalm for Mondays, and Tuesdays that feel like Mondays, and all such days

Life seems to stand still these days
Hours closing in until hope fades
How then shall I live?
What drives my ways?
Is it not the urge to live beyond
The simple act of existing?
A longing to be, and be, and be more?

Life life to the full, they say
Carpe diem, they loudly say
Like some brave banner waving soldier marching to the fray

But where do the slogans go when you fall?
Fall down, fall behind, drop your bundle?
When speed bumps and curve balls carpe the diem right out of you?

For those too are still life
Except it’s not still at all
-for still, life moves.

Gets underfoot and trips us
Rolls us, tricks us
We think we have it figured, and then it won’t add up
We think we have it taped, and it brings out the album
We think we have it tamed, crack the whip, “Down, life! down!”
And life breaks free in glorious, painful technicolour

Unruly, unpredictable, this life-with-a-little-L
I want me a Life-With-A-Capital
Life to the full
Finding it anew in divine made personal
Life who knows truly what it is to die
And yet break free and Live again
In glorious, painful technicolour

So in Capital Life I live indeed,
Live and grow
Live and know 
That one day,
In the truest, deepest, most flamboyantly capitalised and bold-fonted way
One day, I will LIVE

So I’ll wait, living this unframeable, untameable, little-L-life
Beat the drum in the humdrum
See the extra in the ordinary
Breathe the re-vive in the sur-vive

For Capital Life does hold it all
Boldly juggled and caught 
Safely woven and wrought
Secure in wounded hands alone
Blazing the trail to true Life
If I will only follow