a psalm for mindful benediction

B-l-e-s-s-i-n-g-s, comma, Louise (send!)
Blessya, smiley face (post!)
Siri, send text: God Bless You, kiss/hug xo

It’s a cheery sign off phrasing
But what is its real meaning?
What hidden truth am I speaking into being
When I say
Bless. You.

For a word is a power
I know it’s true
If a word is a power
Do I know then what I do 
When I say
Bless. You.

And do, indeed, the things I do
Actions / Reactions / Choices /
All that is done unto
The other
Line up well or ill
With the blessings that I utter
So casually?
I should stutter 
I should stop 
And consider the force 
Of the bless-words I let fall
In ignorance…

Yet by God’s kindness none are wasted
They will not return empty
Even when I scatter them unthinkingly
The fount of all blessings flows on
Unbounded, deep and strong
No drought can wither it

Let me not forget
The bless-words I have not released
Bitten back
Held behind my teeth
When anger or resentment
Or fear or disappointment
Or even apathy
Muzzle me
Blocking my delivery
Of what should be
So freely given
For oh, it was freely given
To me

Bless. You…
Bless. Me…
Do I know how lavishly
He wants to pour out benediction
To me?
Through me?

Oh, Lord, renew me!
Reset my mindset
On how to bless
For I confess
I get more than a little careless
With the weight of the Word
When the ways of the world
Take over my frame of reference
My patterns of utterance…

Come, Thou Fount of every blessing
Tune my heart…
Re-tune my heart!
Refine me

And alert my eyes,
My ears, my mind
And above all, my mouth
To bless
To speak
And do
And share
And be
A blessing-infused-blessing
In every fullest, truest sense
Of Your Word.