Flame burns through the carapace
Warming and brightening
Joy erupting through the dull surface
Cracking the chrysalis
Fragment by fragment
The cold, hard, deadness 
Shouldered aside by 

The light burns in the darkness
Through the night
Through the storm
Through the rain
The light burns in the darkness
Through the fog
Through the fear
Through the pain

The light burns 
Cannot be concealed
The light burns
Cannot be diminished 
The light burns
Will not be extinguished

Fire of joy
Blazing true
From the inner core
Flowing through and through
Filling right into my very fingertips and toes
Burning me new
Full of life

For where there’s life there’s hope – 
Where there is hope
There is life
Sparking bright 
From the heart of the Light
Light and fire within
And I breathe again
With joy

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