An encouraging thought, for those of us with more curiosity than any cat. Now to back it up with the learning and doing parts.

In 2021 I embarked on a new adventure and returned to study Writing & Literature through Deakin’s Cloud Campus. Welcome to Catalyst blog and portfolio, a companion collection to my creative writing blog.

“There is no better catalyst to success than curiosity.”

– Michael Dell

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…and a happy new year?

So, welcome to 2022. Wouldn’t we all love to think there will be a genuine open door (or more importantly, open borders) soon? As 2021 ebbed, it seemed there might be light at the end of the tunnel. And there was, I suppose –  if you count the oncoming headlamp of the Omicron freight train. Sigh. I had the honour of speaking at my home church on the first Sunday of 2022, which I titled Not Another New Year’s Sermon! (It is, in fact, about the fourth I have done over the last decade…something to do with everyone else being…

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All I want for Christmas?

Last week I had to write yet another of those emails. You know, the ones beginning “Dear friends, I am so sorry, in the light of recent developments….”You know, the horrible ones that cancel something you were looking forward to, planned carefully, had encouraged others to invest their time, or money, or energy.You know, you’ve probably had a few even if you haven’t had to construct them yourself. News flash, just in case you didn’t know, they are every bit as bad to write as to receive. I’ve almost lost count of such messages over the last two years.  Family…

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