An encouraging thought, for those of us with more curiosity than any cat. Now to back it up with the learning and doing parts.

In 2021 I embarked on a new adventure and returned to study Writing & Literature through Deakin’s Cloud Campus. Welcome to Catalyst blog and portfolio, a companion collection to my creative writing blog.

“There is no better catalyst to success than curiosity.”

– Michael Dell

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Siesta, study, and the silly season

So. I left you in Seville, friends – and I shall soon return there to finish the tales of our adventures in Spain! But to no one’s surprise I became distracted trying to keep up blogging while we gallivanted round the country, and even more so when I embarked on my Camino journey! (I was seriously put to it just to keep one foot in front of the other for a week solid, over ranges, over rivers, through forests). Also, my dodgy little keyboard gave up the ghost in Barcelona and I had to return to my phone with my…

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Evolving digital natives: literacy is just the beginning

What benefits and limitations are involved in using digital media to facilitate learning and engagement? As I mulled over this, a bizarre question popped into my mind: A peculiar metaphor, yet a valid question. Has technology in education caused as many limitations as benefits? Is it actually solving problems? My research had covered various perspectives, and in a moment of inspiration I threw the question out on Facebook (I know many teachers. Some even responded!) Is it the best thing ever? or a pesky distraction? While I netted several opinions, general consensus was largely aligned with the research I had explored:…

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