Not again.

Screen freezes leaving me with my mouth agape
in the least flattering screen snap possible
reboot reboot reboot
do I really have to close the damn window? Can’t I just refresh – 
It’s not reloading
come on I have to get back into this call
it’s important dammit more than important

My heart crashes like my browser
right to my toolbar toes
why now?
he won’t call me back
and I don’t dare call him again
please please please
reconnect me

A second feels like a year I hear the clock mock as it ticks on each wasted second when we could have been connected I could have seen his laugh heard his smile felt that wicked wink

but no
stolen from me by bloody minded technology
no other way to reach him now
too many miles
too many masks
we cannot touch
but virtually we found each other again
and so frail a thread of knowing linked our hearts
and we were just oh so carefully forging a stronger rope

Clown face glued to my corner
he’s probably hung up already
I hate you computer!
if only I could –

spinning wheel stops
dear God
I’m looking into his eyes again

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