Rush rush fuss fuss
To and fro
No time to slow
Busy strikes again.

Rush rush must must
Meet that deadline
Close that project
Tick off every last box on the to-do list, or else!
Busy threatens.

Rush rush crush crush
Grinding down my energy, serenity
What’s left of me?
When the blight of Busy strikes.

Feel the lush layers
Of silence slowly envelope me

Let my mind settle
Sink down
Into the plush pillows of peace

For I carry with me
My sanctuary
And though Busy batters wildly at the door
I do not have to open it
Though the terrible twins, Duty and Urgency, clamor at the windows
I can draw the curtains
Turn up my internal soundtrack
Tell them to come back in 5
Or 10
Or tomorrow

For when I engage with my world
A focused me
Brings so much more to the table
Than a frenzied me
So today I choose
Release Rush
Hold Hush
Deep in my heart.

[also published on Space 2 Call Home for the THAW August 2020 Creative Challenge]

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