for everyone feeling the pressure of the lockdown limbo

Present continuous
An action ongoing
One foot in front of the other
I walk on

Present continuous
A journey unfolding
Vanishing point forever just beyond reach
I walk on

Feeling the tension of the now and the not yet
The here and the there
The near and the far
It drags at my feet
Plucks at my ankles

I am, and yet I am ‘not yet’
I am not as I was and yet I am still … here …
and one day who will I be?
Will I ever be the truest me?

Present continuous
A time frame extending
One foot in front of the other
I walk on

Will I ever get there?
Will there be an ending?
Or even a pausing?
When do I get to level up?
Or when do I get to go home?
Must I just walk on
On and on
One foot in front of the other
Marching on the spot
Present continuous?

Teach me to number my days
To count my ways
Each moment and step
To weigh as precious each tick on the clock
While I walk on
For I am going home
Just not there yet

Present continuous
My road rises to meet me
And one foot in front of the other
I will walk on

Not so fixed on the past over my shoulder
That I lose sight of the joy that is this day
Not so fixated on the horizon
That I stumble past the prizes
Beside the path

May I walk in the confidence that
The One who began it
Will finish it
One who was
One who is
One who will be, eternally
Is here 
Present in my continuous

And my unfinished not yet 
Will be complete
Was complete
Is complete
In Him

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