Bombs explode, don’t they?
Destructive, harmful processes
Why then “truth bomb”?
Do we expect it to be more palatable because it’s the truth? 
 -or our version of it, any way –

Truth be what it is, and yet
Why do we try
To prettify
To mollify
To sanitise
Its pungency?

Truth bomb
Scent bomb
Truth balm?

We are to God the pleasing aroma of Christ
A sweet fragrance
Why then do we throw our “truth” bombs like bath bombs
Sneeze inducing headache brewing lush-intensity sensory overloading

There’s a reason in the old days they called it Bible Bashing

The Word can be a sword, it’s true, 
and a double edged one at that 
-reader, remember that the wielder is not shielded from that keen edge,
for truth cuts both ways
Cuts us all down to size

And yet, truth balm?
The Word is healing:
– we can fill our lungs without fear of choking, coughing, spluttering

The perfume of the Lord is rich 

And so might we be to those about us
If we stop flinging our own cheaply made self sanitizing truths 
-they do naught but mask the stench of our own death and decay

Let us breathe deeply of Word
Wash clean by Spirit
And we’ll smell more like Jesus

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