Like fire locked in my bones
My soul groans
Words shut down
Behind teeth clenched and ground
Don’t say it
Don’t share it
Don’t post it
Don’t send it
Bite your tongue
Let it go

But oh
The pain of my swallowed words lodged in my throat
My shredded tongue gnawed by restraint
Held-in emotion choking me
I can’t be silent any more
So I say it
I share it
I post it
I send it

The match struck
Words kindled
And it’s not too long before
I am flamed
My words reblazed
By the accelerant of others’ equally genuine angst

Yet if I can step
Outside myself for just a minute
I can well imagine 
That none of us meant to offend
No hurt or destruction intend

But flames burn
Hot and fierce
Perilous to begin
Swift to set in
Take hold
Wreak havoc
And there’s no quenching it then with a cup of cold common sense…

So if I must say it
Share it
Post it 
Send it
Give me wisdom to make my flame
More like a candle
Less like a bonfire
Give me wisdom to kindle 
With care and with caution
More toasting
Less roasting

For let me remember
A flame is no plaything
And when I must wield it
I’d better be willing
To pay the price needed
For speaking my mind:
Burning my fingers

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