It’s too hot in here now
I’m sweating
puffing, restlessly fanning my face
a long way from comfortable

Get out of the kitchen, they say
if you can’t take the heat
but what about dinner?
I guess I chose to risk it for the biscuit

Discomforted I may be right now
but don’t want to be cold and hungry either
(and when life is lived large and loud,
there’s that inevitable consequential spark)

Willingly I walked into this furnace
planned and prepared
for a purpose
for a purifying

Though this ignition heralded as well
a little dying
boiling me down to so much less
that I would truly become more

This blaze back-burning
the tempestuous bushfire of my pride
circling me in holy flame
remorseless, relentless

Focused precisely
to burn away all that holds me back
all that weighs me down
all that dulls my shine

Shepherded into that crucible
shaped with hammer and anvil
refined until my heart burns clean
refined until your heart is seen

until I find my true self
reflecting my true source
this fire divine

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