a tale of two brains

Busy brain
Finds it hard to remain
In the moment
In the present
In “is”.

Busy brain
Likes to wander and range
In the fields of the future:
The possible
The plausible
The highly unlikely
Even the flat out ridiculous
The yet, the not
The maybes, the ifs
The “to be”.

Wounded brain
Is mired in pain
Finds this moment intolerable
Unbearable present
Struggling with “is”

Wounded brain
Sings unending refrain
Of the past
Of what’s gone
Of what’s lost
Beyond any recall
Things taken and broken
All that “was”

Two brains that need
A single thought:
It is what it is

Two hearts that crave
A single need:
It won’t always be like this

Two souls who need
To come back to the middle
Stop burning the candles
Keep building the bridges

Oh Thou our centre
Our connection
Our was and will be
Ground us gently in “is”
Each present moment
Of presence.

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