Consternation in the socials:
Don’t drink the water!
It’s not safe
Not clean
Not fresh.

How quickly we forget
what privilege it is
to have fresh on tap

And not only water
but so many other freshnesses
at our fingertips;
Tap a screen
Send a text
Hit a button:
All the fresh food we can manage
All the fresh news we can cope with
Anything our hearts desire
Piped right to our doors.

When even freshness
is in constant supply
does it not get tired
as time goes by?

Familiarity breeding freshness fatigue
yet feeding my addiction
to novelty;

And now I see
what’s fresh and what’s new
are not the same;
A thrill by any other name:
I am only craving the game
of I need it now
I need more now
I need another now
I need a fresh dose now

And it’s not really that fresh after all
Getting a little on the nose
Deceiving me
that it’s what I need.

My soul requires
a deeper regeneration;
Not re-fresh
A reset

To truly see again
with fresh eyes
fresh mind
when I come at last
to the healing waters
drinking in
my renewal.

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