For THAW August 2020 creative challenge
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week 2 day 2 – splinters

1. What all camels dread

A splintery day today, you know, 
The kind when a whole load
Of spiky little annoyances collide
And lodge just under your skin
And you set your teeth and grin
Til the last straw jabs you
What am I, a pincushion?
Swiftly becoming a most cantankerous little hedgehog!
For goodness’ sake
Don’t let them fester;
Go find yourself some kind of tweezers
Something that pleases
Soothes and cleans and heals
Lest those pesky quills
Be the breaking of someone else’s back too.

2. Allow Me

Oh dear, you’ve got something in your eye!
Please, do allow me to try
And help you clarify
Your vision.
What’s that? how?
Well, let’s just yank it all out now
And see how we go…
Whoops, there goes your eyeball!
Didn’t see that coming…
Never mind, you still have one!
Let’s get that sucker on the run
And you’ll never miss the depth perception
Just keep following my direction
And everything will be –
Wait, where’d you go?
I’ve still got your eyeball!
Oh well, I’ll just nail it up here with the others
On my considerable eyebrowbeam
And wait for you to come back to get it mended…

3. Service

I’d like to get this one removed, please.
It’s getting in the way.
Trips me up, slows me down,
I need to be on top of my game to be of service
What use is a fragile vessel?
Only the robustly armoured
Stand up to steady punishment
And come out smiling
Don’t they?

And gently, you refuse
Tenderly bind my wounds
Remind me that bendy reeds
Outlast brittle trees
In many a storm
Bruised and tired feet
Don’t run ahead of those they’d lead
Heads with thorny crowns
Rule with no power
But surrender:
Trading sufficiency, supremacy, authority
For empathy

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