drip drip
drip drip drop
doorbells of the downpour
Hello? Is there anyone there?
Are you listening?

flick flicker
flick flicker flash
semaphore of the stampede
Hey! Look out!
Can you see it’s coming?

Alarmbuzz pecks steadily on the edge of my ears
turn signal blinks on the fringes of my gaze
heralds of a harvest
messages from the maelstrom
Are you ready?
Pay attention!

Awake oh sleeper
burst out of your bubble
that warm little womb of comfort zone familiar

Don’t just look with your eyes – 
perceive and understand;
don’t just hear with your ears – 
listen up and comprehend;
for steady rolling in
come the winds of change

And you may think you are OK
snuggled up in the doona of the everyday
blind and deaf to what’s outside knocking
but it will find you, yes it will,
even there;
Yank off the covers and expose you
caught out
by catastrophe
and opportunity
for they are siblings, don’t you know?

So won’t you open those eyes
be dazzled by
the deluge
inundation of the privilege of choice

Take your head out from under the pillow
soak in the sound
heed the wild sweet gusty voice
of possibility.

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