Stitch by stitch
pixel by pixel
over time
a very large picture
is taking shape.

Block by block
thread by thread
colour by colour
the images begin to emerge
the shapes take on definition
the story is being told.

Stitch by stitch
it may take me years
but one day
I’ll have an heirloom to hang on my wall
step back and admire my persistence and skill.

Makes me wonder
if stitch by stitch
moment by moment
piece by piece
one day
my life will be thus on show
a finished work
intricate art

When I step back that day
what will I see?
Will I recognise the million hard won battles
that have embroidered me?

Will I see an unexpected beauty
in the asymmetry
where once I desired perfection
lamenting the errors
knots and tangles
which now form crucial elements
in my completion?

Will I see
the handiwork of the Artisan
the Master delighting in the trophy
and I 
an heirloom of the Creator’s House?

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