Things can only get
Guess I know better now.

It’s a relative term:
I forgot the
usually tacked on like a momentarily overlooked email attachment
which catches and latches too late
and we all roll our eyes, let’s try that again…

Better “than” what?
It’s comparative
Weighing up this and that
Tit and tat
And making a judgement call:
On one side;
Creating also in one sharp slice –

Yet what if I could have
Without “than”?
Without the forlorn worse tagging along
Insisting that the choice be made,
Scales weighed,
Existence assayed;

What if better could be found on both sides of my questions?
Become a matter of equality,
Of personality;
A strategy
Of forwards, not backwards –
and certainly, not seesawing side to side, up and down, on the spot:
better / worse \ better / worse \ / \ /

It will be better
When I better it;
It will be stronger
When I train it;
It will be healthier
When I nurture it;
(whatever it may be)

It will be better;
And I
Will be all the better for the process.

– a psalm, a prayer, a mantra, a song for every day we see the news and think:
“what ELSE can happen now?”

Featured image: Inspired by Escher by Morgan Paul on Flickr

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