This time next year
I will be
differently doing,
differently being.

Clock by Jernej Furman (CC-BY-2.0)

This time last year
I said
This time next year
I would change,
I must change,
please change…

And this time this year
I fear
not much has shifted;
my days sifted
through old patterns,
mundane matters,
bad habits.

Sparkle by a.dombrowski (CC-BY-2.0)

And yet when I
slow down enough
to look more calmly
and more closely,
small sparks of newness
glint in the dust;
let me trust
that little starts
are not embarked in vain;

I will take heart
in tiny seeds of change
I planted
this time last year;

and this time
next year –
some year –
even yet this year,

they may grow
and flourish.

Seedlings by BLM Nevada (CC-BY-2.0)

Featured images courtesy of Flickr:

Small Steps | Raffi Asdourian | Flickr

Clock | Jernej Furman | Flickr

Sparkle | a.dombrowski | Flickr

Seedlings | The youngest members of the 40-member volunteer … | Flickr

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