a paraphrase of Psalm 1

How undistressed
The wise one;
To guidance malign
Pays no mind,
Makes no time 
To consort with the vicious
Or court the malicious;
The eyes of the wise turn elsewhere.

With steadfastness
The wise one
Whose feet do not waver,
Nor favour
Fool’s haver,
By loitering and lazing
In apathy gazing;
The path of the wise leads elsewhere.

To know true rest
The wise one,
Who knows it’s not found
Sitting down,
Lolling round
In sarcasm and mocking
And tall poppy lopping:
The heart of the wise is elsewhere.

With great gladness
The humble,
By wisdom pursuing
Truth chewing,
Mind brewing,
Who listens to learn
And is willing to turn
Their heart to the Word of the Wise.

With all goodness
The humble:
Soul bathed, heart restored,
Spirit poured
Rich reward;
And lifelong they thrive,
Fresh and strong and alive,
Grounded deep in the Word of the Wise.

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