It’s not here yet
and I thought it would
by now
be here;

Agog, I wait
for the parcel of delight
I splurged upon lately:
some oh-so-cathartic
lockdown retail therapy –

Apparently –

There’ll be
a bonus item
with the order!
I wonder if
it will be a thing
for practical purpose
or simply a trinket to treat the eyes.
(Freebies are ever a nice surprise,
yet rather clutterbrewing at times
it must be conceded.)

Hurry up, Mr Postman!
Delayed gratification was never my strong point.
I’m waiting with
rapidly diminishing
stores of

it should be arriving

And hopefully
when at last
it reaches me,
all those much anticipated goodies
will please
at least half as much
as I’ve foreseen…

And if not –
there’s always eBay.

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