It’s just a little one.
Not a huge problem
Totally solvable
When I get around to dealing with it
Won’t take anytime to flatten it back down
At all

It’s just a little one.
Tiniest of bumps
Nothing serious surely
Hardly even notice it
Next time I’m at the docs I must mention it
If I recall

It’s just a little one.
Only a passing thing
Barely worth calling a habit
I can leave it behind anytime I like
And it’s not really something bad or wrong
After all

And I turn around
Look up in surprise
Can’t believe my eyes
Where did those looming peaks come from?
How the heck did they swell so fast
And I oblivious
To the rising wall?

Or perhaps
They haven’t grown at all
What if it’s I
Who’ve dwindled?

Shrinking of decisiveness
Diminishment of self care
Erosion of discipline 
Have imperceptibly
Lessened me
Ground me down to a speck of myself

And I face Everest level mountaineering 
When once to me 
As once I was
It was just a little one

Now it’s I that’s small.

[THAW Creative Challenge, Weekend #2: mountains or molehills]

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