Two steps forward
one step back –
– or is it the other way round?

Three forward, two back?
One each way?
Or is it more like
four to the front, dodge sideways, back up a couple, circle on the spot for a bit, forward, back, forward, left, right, back, get knocked over anyway?

That’s where I am today.

Feels much like a pawn,
going anywhichway but o h  s o  s l o w l y
one step at a time
in who knows which direction next
feeling any moment about to be struck from the board.

If only I could be a knight and make strategic leaps;
If only a queen

A queen?

And my Father the King says
precious daughter
straighten your crown
get your move on
one step
two step
every one a new step
each will rate
in the end
go checkmate

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