(Mary of Bethany, before leaving the kitchen)
Luke 10:38-42

It’s ok –
I know it’s weird
and I didn’t mean to be a pain,
leaving you again
with all the stuff.

It’s ok,
if we end up waiting
another fifteen minutes or so,
but I have to go
and soak up every word.

It’s not ok
for us girls to miss out,
because He’s speaking to us all;
the time is now,
who will dare disallow
what He has said is good?

I know You feel like you should
just stick with how it’s always been;
I know we risk being misunderstood
if we go out there to be seen
– women, sisters, daughters –
as people;
as disciples.

But it’s worth the risk, sis.
He’s calling.
Just put down the tea towel,
no one will go hungry,
I promise.

You can leave the dishes, I’ll help you with them later;
they’ll stay right there till we’re ready to attend to them.
Will He?
Will that knocking in our hearts,
that aching need to hear now
with our own ears?

Just put down the tea towel,
and we won’t go hungry either;
He promised.

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