result pending

a psalm of lament, for hospital waiting rooms, doctors’ offices and such like

Waiting is the worst.
Everything is hazed
my eyes glazed
with tears
someone please tell me what’s happening
The waiting is the worst.

Blindside panic as
emergency stations
snap to attention
catapult into action
just breathe
The waiting is the worst.

Heart receding
as they’re wheeling
him away I’m reeling
torrential feeling
floods my mind
words impossible to find
The waiting is the worst.

Minutes yawning into hours
when there’s no word at all
Seconds swelling into minutes
when footsteps near the door
Molasses moments
mire me to my chair
The waiting is the worst.

When I know at last
what transpires
whether well or ill
relief or grief
triumph or tragedy
then I can deal.
But in this limbo land
where I can only feel
every feel
every fear
becoming wordless prayer
please hear

The waiting is the worst.

NB: he made it through the heart attack. One stent later, one to come soon, he is recovering well & we’re taking it one day at a time. Each one seems infinitely more precious now.