(the early bird can have the stupid worm)

Welcome to the daily torment:
those first few early moments
– morning is not my time –
I certainly don’t shine!
(though eventually, reluctantly,
I’ll rise…)

Awakening to alertness is foreign,
awakening with energy forgotten,
awakening before I need to abhorrent!
– morning is not my time –
I certainly find
it’s so difficult
to rise.

Occasionally I am curious though:
to bring me leaping straightway from my slumbers,
what might it take?
– for truly, morning is not my time –
A hurricane? an earthquake,
or calamity of biblical proportions…
Would that jolt open my eyes?

For there are even some days
where I feel stuck on autopilot
zombieing from dawn to twilight
twenty four hours and more of what seems like one unending morning!
and by now we all know:
– mornings are NOT my time –
And I feel doomed
to stumble through
morning, noon and night,
half my precious life,
half asleep…

How I long for that elusive moment
when even as I drown
in dreary daily dreams
I’ll hear
So loud and clear a call
irresistible –
that without second thoughts,
or snooze button last resorts,
with sudden eager eyes,
wide, wide awake –
I’ll rise.