haiku for the end of lockdown

a haiku for the extroverts counting the seconds

Dead tired of my room
Hug-hungry, need REAL face time:
Explode these four walls!

a haiku for introverts emerging more slowly

Dreading to dwell with
open space. Bare hard faces;
Crowd-resilience lost…

a haiku for those still in quarantine

Shop online… so slow…
…today’s my next covid test?
Four walls, no change, sigh…

a haiku for essential workers

No end to the queues;
Eyes ache, feet sore, heart heavy,
Just breathe (mask up!)… breathe…

a haiku for students returning to class

Now we must wear masks?
– chewing gum, chatter unseen-
Bonus, let’s try it!

a haiku for teachers returning to class

Now they must wear masks?!
Tasks once hard now Herculean…
Can’t we stay online?