Immensity stretches between
now and then,
a strange tension plagues me:
inner oscillation between
not wanting a moment
to end
and simultaneously longing
for the next one
to begin;

Craving more
of now,
of same,
yet desiring variety

Is this the part of my soul
that feels made for
something more?
squinting to see
the unseeable,
aching to grasp
the intangible;

More than now and then,
more than not-yet,
more than all I think I know
and what I am discovering I don’t;
more than that flicker of immensity
teasing my eyes
from the corners of my wildest dreams?

A spark of immortality
winks beguilingly
from past and future,
both sides of this elasticised
present moment;
timeless echoes of
uncreated voice
whisper to me

a breath,
a word,
a truth: