a psalm before retiring for the night

Low ebb of courage
in the quiet hours
in midnight solitude;
Low tide of optimism
at the end of the day.

And as the waves recede
my feet lag
mired heavy in the sands:
at the end of the day.

A day that began with purpose, focus,
energy, even passion;
Determination to grapple with the challenges
and come out fighting for the next one…
Oh, brave new world that swiftly wears me down
at the end of the day.

So I will recognize my fading resolve
and stare it down:
Name it, own it,
so I can release it.
And I will remember that I am not alone,
for there is rock beneath the sand
on which I stand.

And I will repeat again
and again
the refrain of hope,
keep teaching myself until I believe it:

I will rest 
in the Restorer of souls
the Mender of minds
the Healer of hearts
who will renew my strength
my flesh
my spirit
at the end of the day.