In my mind they mesh.
Link and lock together
Into perfect patterns,
Easy eloquence,
Sweetly syllabled structures.
Each falling precisely to place,
Obediently ordered
Just so.


the instant I open my mouth they waterfall over my lips in noisy torrential profusion elbowing each other aside as they rush from synapses to tongue-tip not pausing to help each other up or apologize for stomping on each other’s consonants as they stampede their way out sidestepping my belated attempts to corral them into coherency


What did I just say?

That’s not what I meant,
What I heard in my head;
I see by your expression, instead
It was all Greek to you –
Or possibly Icelandic…
Ancient Sanskrit or Mesopotamian?
Maybe I’d do better with hieroglyphs, actually
Or charades, for that matter!

Please, let me rephrase that.